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Book Launched on June 1st 2011 - Amazon Bestseller - to #3, day of launch, #43 bestseller for the week of May 30th.

"Right Here, Right Now Meditations
- Satsang Invitations for Expanding Awareness"

Canela Michelle Meyers
Foreword by Isaac Shapiro

This book offers written invitations that provoke the reader to awaken to themself more and more while also offering possibilities to practice allowing for a more peaceful and enjoyable life. (Excerpt below)

Right Here, Right Now Mediations will be relaunched soon. Please check back for where you can purchase it. It will be available electronically first.

“No matter what state I’m in as I read ‘Right Here, Right Now Meditations,’ it lifts me up and into my true spiritual self. I can feel the Presence in you speaking to the Presence in me, calling me into higher consciousness. As I read your words, I touch into the essence of each topic, and you’ve covered them all – love, trust, conflict, communication, acceptance and so on. This book will definitely help raise the vibration on this planet – thank you for sharing it!”
Gini Grey, Author of ‘From Chaos to Calm’,

The 'North Shore Outlook' talks with Canela Michelle about living Right Here, Right Now. (click on 'Right Here, Right Now' for story)

Book Interview with Teresa Morrow:

Some Book Feedback:

I loved reading your book called 'Right Here Right Now Meditations'. I found in this book A Peaceful Harmonizing Energy and it took me to a different State Of Mind.
Thank you very much for taking the time to a write wonderful book like this one."
Dora Bergen, Realtor, West Vancouver,

“Dearest Canela I am so grateful today to just write all this and feel I can to you because you 'got me ' so deeply in your compassionate response, and yes I feel the energy in your email and in your book so full of love thank you, it helps even when I don't 'know it', it helps.
Anyway bless you Canela bless you
Love and deep gratitude for your support"
Tina Valley, London, England

"Hi there Canela,
... I've enjoyed reading your book in new ways. It's surprising because I've read many of the entries previously, right---but everything is new every day. Personally the strongest message coming through your book for me is the emphasis on acting on what's true and loving for yourself in every moment. From that place more and more flow happens and others happen to be "helped" naturally without strings attached or projections interfering. It's cool.
Gloria Tiede, White Rock, BC

"I have been enjoying your zen moments since I bought 'Right Here, Right Now Meditations.' I love how it can be opened to any page for an experience of stillness. It's very beautiful! Each 'invitation' is clear, intelligent, and has an easily-understood value and practice. And every page resonates powerfully with the energy and grace of Oneness."
Arvana, Ontario, Organizer of 'The Gathering'

"I was just thinking of you. I'm reading your book and loving it! I've been mulling over your invitation to see conflict as opportunity today."
Catherine Warrington, U.K, WellBeing In the City,

*Excerpt from "Right Here, Right Now Meditations"

Find Out Who
This week’s invitation is to explore who it is that is experiencing life right now.
Find Out Who.
Who is it that is directing this life experience?
Who is it that is listening to this direction?
Find out by experiencing this directly.

To expand on this and explore how to look for who it is that you are, right now, follow these steps:

As you are reading these words, notice that reading is happening, something knows this, that reading is happening. Can you see that? That reading is happening?
Stop Now and look to see who it is that is reading. You can see the page out here in front of you, you can feel where your eyes are that are looking, now, look to see where is that part of you that is aware of all of this that is happening?

There is a ‘you’, in your chair - you can feel your feet in socks, or slippers, or maybe barefoot against the floor – where ever your feet are…there they are, you can feel them, you are aware of them. And isn’t that the same for the rest of your body? You can feel that there is a body right here, right now, as you read this.

Now, what is that that is aware of those feet? What is that that is aware of how they feel on the inside, the outside, energetically, physically, look to see what part of you is aware of all of that.

This part that you are looking for is only available right in the moment of looking. It is here in each moment, never leaves, is always aware of everything, and can be ‘found’ through experiencing it, only in the very moment.