Satsang Meditation

In Satsang Meditation with Canela,
each moment is an invitation to embrace yourSelf - to Self Awareness.
There is a transmission of Silence.

Moving ever deeper into this Silence.  
To Be with ourSelves, as we are, no more, no less, doing nothing, yet 'Being With' Everything.
This is a support to deepen your experience of Who you are and to strengthen your connection to That Self.

"It was a real privilege to meet Canela and a powerful and enjoyable Satsang. Canela's style is so open, humble, and freeing, and it points so effectively towards a place of love and non separation, So glad I went."
Kevin Pritchett, London, England

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Private sessions for individuals, couples, and groups are available

What is Available in Satsang?
Release tensions, energies, of all kinds,
Feel and steep yourself in deep Peace,
Emerge Anew - A refreshed YOU...
Support is Here, available, empowering you to live more easily, enjoyably, harmoniously, in every aspect of your experiencing.

Satsang with Canela

You are invited . . . .
to be with us in a quiet space that celebrates Stillness and Aliveness.
Come join us in This, as Canela supports people to relax into who they really are; to see themselves with ease, acceptance, and clarity; and to simply and directly feel the peace and power of the mind-less state of Being (which is to experience one’s Authentic Self).