You are the Present - The Gift of Each Moment

Canela Michelle is a support to people in embracing Self, or Love in all of it's plays, inclusive of All That Is, in each moment.

Now is a good time for people to turn around and look at the details that are happening (otherwise known as 'Life') in a new way!

All happenings that affect you are invitations to look at what is being pointed to...inviting you to embrace Oneness. As soon as you become aware of a happening that is affecting you, it is already 'in' you - that which appears to be 'outside' is a reflection of what is 'inside'. The illusion we call life is only real in each moment - it is an expression of Awareness, Love, That.

"...Canela has invited me to sink so deeply into the reality that it is just always Love. We are love and we are One. Love is all that there is, always calling us, always knocking on our doors...yes, just now.. listen…."
(from the 'letters/feedback' page in the menu)

Short Video on: Acceptance

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