The Science of Love

Science & Love, together? Arent those traditionally opposites?
What is being pointed to here is that Love is the root of all happenings and this has been 'proven' again and again through direct inquiry into whatever is happening in the moment. You can accrue your own scientific proof of this through the evidence of your own experience.

Science is defined as: the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

Join with Canela in becoming a Scientist of Love, in exploring Life to its very core. All one requires is the interest to do so, and the moment - which is always available. It can take some time to get the hang of exploring life in this way, and the side effect is freedom from suffering.

Canela Michelle is available to support people who are interested in embracing Self (or Love) in all of its plays - inclusive of All That Is - in each moment.

"...Canela has invited me to sink so deeply into the reality that it is just always Love. We are love and we are One. Love is all that there is, always calling us, always knocking on our doors...yes, just now.. listen…."
(from the 'letters/feedback' page)

Video from Transformational Satsang in London 2015

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Now is a good time to look at the details that are happening (otherwise known as 'Life') in a deeper way.

When life feels uncomfortable, it is an invitation...yes, really! How? As soon as you become aware of a happening that is affecting you, it is already 'in' you. That which appears to be 'outside' is a reflection of what is 'inside'. The illusion we call life is only real in each moment - it is an expression of Awareness or Love. Canela invites you to open to the moment, to feel what is really happening - which transforms what looks like hell into heaven.